Wanted to buy myself a copy of Alias Sketchbook Pro (won’t be calling it Autodesk). From Autodesk itself (Sketchbook Pro is one of the items they retail directly online), this will cost me (without the CD delivered, mind you!)


At the same time, on Amazon US


This brings us to an all-time record fucking high of 3.21 times price difference between Europe and US. If we concider the tax, it would be 2.7 times difference. Autodesk should be proud - they are now more fucked up than Adobe in terms of ripping us.

Needless to say, a response from the product manager at Autodesk did not contain a single word of meaningful information on why this fucked up pricing scheme is even possible. And needless to say, no way in hell I am buying from people with this attitude, at least not something for my personal use.

Some serious EU legislation for this crap is in order.