Howdy! Name’s Julik. Ok, strictly speaking it is much longer but I never use the full one since it fell victim to two successive romanizations. I hail from the Russian default city but have been living in the Netherlands for close to two decades.

I have been making things on the web since roughly 2001, and this very website is something that used to be called “a blog” before the walled gardens took over.

I’ve worked as a visual effects artist for about 8 years, so I am one of those software engineers who also have an IMDB page.

If you are looking for the code I wrote, you will be able to find it at my Github page as well as the guerilla-di GH page and the WeTransfer GH organisation. I’ve also released quite a few Ruby gems which have been moderately successful. Please do use, few things make me so happy as knowing that people are using what I have created.

I’ve also given some talks at various events and conferences, primarily ones related to the Ruby programming language.

All opinions on this website are my own.