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Actually this upcoming generation of media benefits the consumer very little. Thanks to draconian measures in HDCP obsoleting a good chunk of consumer electronics out there, it infact pretty much screws the consumer.

Im not one to boycott products, but there is always a first. I will as long as possible, refuse to buy any product built around HDCP. Sadly, that means HD-DVD, BluRay, the PS3, etc… I sure as hell am not going to buy a new monitor and video card to support Vista. This doesnt mean no Vista, but from the sounds of it, it does mean no Media Center.

This is one time where consumers should unite and say a collective “Fuck you!”.

Amen, brother. Японские негодяи однажды таки почуствуют боль и страдание. Помимо прочего главный rogue уже у них на хвосте.

Этот DVD-диск предназначен только для просмотра в городе Клин Московской области…

Если вы еще не в курсе…