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I’m trying to reduce the size of urls in my app and i was wondering how i can get all links to an index action to leave out the ‘index’. In my routes.rb, i have it setup to recognize the controller and default to the index action.

But is there a way to make it so that the ‘index’ portion in the url is not shown to the user? This is mostly a concern where in other controllers i use redirect_to and link_to that index action of a particular controller.

For example: i have controller_a and i want to get to its index action. I know i can just use http://www.myapp.com/controller_a

but when i do link_to and redirect_to :controller => controller_a, it shows controller_a/index in the url. I’d like to leave off the ‘index’

Thanks for the help.

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hi all how we can do get and post value.
i made one form and in this form their is two field
loginname and password.and when i click on submit button
than i t should verify from database and than the next page
will arrive .how i can do that.
how i can post value and than get it from that from and check
.plese tell me yhis all in rubyon rails.
hope for reply

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I want to insert onto database the Current DateTime Value into database
field “Store_date” with datatype (DATETIME). How to do tihs?

I am usiing hidden variable into my form as follows:-

<%= hidden_field(“store”, “store_date”, :value =>:datetime ) %>

But when I m submmittng form I couldn’t find entry in store_date field.

How to do this using hidden variable?

Please help me.

Тут некоторые ссылались на статью о том что Rails никогда не станет мейнстримом. Так вот товарищи, мейнстрим - это вот оно.

Lействительно есть к чему стремиться.