Or houses - lots has changed in the last 6 months. I figured there should be a better place for my tech-related content, and so it went. Please head over to htps://blog.julik.nl to find the articles which used to be hosted here (and more). I also hope to post more frequently.

This blog has survived for 20 years, and this is A Good Thing™ by measures of modern web. Plenty of blogging platforms, plenty of discoveries, plenty of frustrations, the ups and the downs. But what was appropriate for a 20-years-old person is not necessarily the right thing for a 40-year-old.

What happens here? Maybe I will go back to writing in Russian too. Maybe not. Either way - wiping the slate clean is not something I aspire to. I don’t want to take most of my words back, as it might be cowardly - and the value of the pre-walled-gardens Internet (to me) is that it doesn’t forget. Or, at least, that folks are mindful that “what’s on the Internet is forever”.

I’ve also disabled Disqus on this website because I found its pricing a bit off, and all the obnoxious ads they place on the blog were quite appalling too. The comments have been archived and comments may return - just using a different toolkit.