As promised in an earlier entry, here comes the announcement for the EDL library for Ruby. It allows you to parse EDL files and examine their content in a relatively sane way. Example:

 edl_part =     '020  008C     V     C        08:04:24:24 08:04:25:19 01:00:25:22 01:00:26:17' 
 list = = 25).parse(edl_part)
 # An EDL::List is just as any other Array
 list[0].class # => EDL::Event
 list[0].src_start_tc # => #<Timecode:08:04:24:24 (726624F@25.00)>
 list[0].rec_length_with_transition # => 20

The documentation is complete now. The only dependency is the Timecode gem announced earlier. All of these tools (Depix, Timecode, ED…) are also moving to their own project on Rubforge. I hope that can be of use to people who agree with me that paying 170 bucks for a DPX renamer or a DPX conformer is insane in 2008.

I also have high hopes that libraries like these will help Ruby make way in the post industry, where Perl (and recently Python) reign supreme.